Imagination Land

I carry a land of imagination in my pen,

filled with people, furry creatures and things.

Maybe you will even find a giraffe that sings?

Much is unknown of this world hiding in my mind.


“It’s just fiction,” I hear you snicker and say.

Oh, how boring and dull I imagine your day.

These days of mine can be built on a rainbow

or I can go away to a forest covered in snow.


There are no limits to what I can do on paper.

I can make friends out of enemies or even find gold.

The key to this freedom is being brave and bold,

because playing with words is a thrilling thing to do.


“But how do you do this?” I hear you whisper and ask.

Oh, but darling, I’m a writer and it’s a part of my daily task.

With my pen, I get to play in my land of imagination

and I don’t ever want to stop with this process of creation.


© Ilka Steyn, 2016. All rights reserved.


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