The Sounds of Summer

I greet our world, coloured in with the beauty of nature

and it welcomes me back with a splash of hot air.

I see outside, the flowers, reminding me to take care,

while the singing birds enjoy the morning sun so fair.


While the sun continues to stand up and brace the day,

the little creatures start to flee from the crackling heat.

All of this happening in rhythm and not missing one beat.

This is God’s spectacular show, so please take your seat.


The drumming march of ants, the chirping of a cricket

and my dogs hunting a lizard with their scattering feet.

Later the wind whispers, asking the rain to come and greet,

while shadows say goodbye and further away they creep.


As Maestro combines every squeak and click into a choir,

mister sun slowly bends down to rest his head once more.

Then tomorrow the audience can open another door,

giving us the opportunity to be there for an encore.


© Ilka Steyn, 2016. All rights reserved.


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