My Stick of Knowledge

Having peace amongst ourselves as people is not about agreeing on everything, but rather about respecting the differences there are between us. If you don’t like a person, it doesn’t mean you have to treat them with no respect. They still deserve to be treated with love. A wise man – my brother (and I will deny this compliment in the future) – once told me: “You are not going to like everyone and not everyone is going to like you, and that’s okay”, but you also need to make peace with this fact.  Sounds fairly straightforward, doesn’t it? But the part where you have to accept this isn’t so easy. It’s like a big speed bump you didn’t see coming. It’s not fun to get over it, but you are going to, whether you are ready or not.


Those days when I hit life’s speed bumps, I experience the sudden urge to hit some people with a stick – which I have dubbed: My stick of Knowledge – and yes, I see every detail happening inside my head. In some cases, I even add emotional music and credits at the end. I know it may sound dramatic (and crazy), but I struggle to understand how certain people lack compassion and consideration when it comes to a fellow human being, like driving fast in a parking lot. Do you not realise what the consequences could be?

Mary Poppins (2018)
Mary Poppins (2018)

My husband and I recently had to make a sad phone call to the SPCA, when we noticed a dog, close to our home, not being taken care of. My heart broke when I saw his skinny body, tired eyes and his slow, yet optimistic, wagging tail. We soon found out that the owners moved and left the dog behind. I cannot, in any way, wrap my head around the idea of leaving your pets behind. With this being said, there was also another aspect of the story which I struggled to understand. Behind the empty house, there were tenants in an apartment with their small dog, that appeared to be in good health. Now, I have to ask: How do you turn a blind eye to a suffering animal and not do anything? And I know we tend to judge when we don’t understand and know the full story, but even if you cannot take the dog with you to your new home or you can’t afford to take care of him, there are great organisations willing to help in situations like these. There are better options and doing nothing isn’t one of them.


It’s curve balls like these, that make it difficult for me not to judge people. I will always try to see both sides of a story, but sometimes I won’t succeed in the task. So next time, when you see me squinting my eyes in your direction, know that I just hit a speed bump and I’m reaching for my stick of knowledge.


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