For The Love of Dogs

One of my most favourite and happiest things to do,

is coming home to the friendliest and four-legged you.

The pitter-patter-dancing paws around my feet,

tell me how you waited for us to once again meet.

You greet me excitedly with your optimistic tail,

showing me how much you love me, without fail.


You can brightly colour in the greyest of days,

when you comfort me with your quirky ways,

or that look of guilt with the mud on your nose,

and when it comes to a picture, you strike a pose.

With loyalty, you follow me to every room,

ready to protect me from any danger or doom.


And in the moments when I feel sad or lost,

I find hope in your big, brown eyes at no cost.

With your digging and non-human way of living,

you teach me about humanity, love and giving.

Your only fault is that your life is way too short,

but you will forever have, all my love and support.


© Ilka Steyn, 2016. All rights reserved.

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