Be in Love With The Moon

There are moments in life when you’re backed into a corner,

at war with your own biggest enemy: your mind.

Although it’s your best friend, it has the ability to not be kind,

but do not allow your fears to feed the big, bad wolf.


Let your quiet confidence awaken and scream out loud.

Be who you are, stand tall, you have reason to be proud.

Your doubts and fears make the wolf bigger than he is,

but don’t let them mistake your silence for weakness.


Become your own wolf, don’t be afraid, live by your rules.

If they doubt you, it is their own problem with being the fools.

Follow your heart and walk without fear like a wolf, and soon,

you will endure the dark times, with the brightness of the moon.


© Ilka Steyn, 2016. All rights reserved.

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