Confronted to Choose

Confronted with choices, I struggle to decide.

Do you do what is expected? Or what is right?

I have tasted the sweet freedom, which I crave,

but sometimes my worries blind me to be brave.

Confronted with choices, I don’t want to decide.

This worrying doubt, has been the reason I cried.


Standing strong and putting my brave face on,

convinced even me, that any battle can be won.

But I’m scared this strength of mine, will disappear,

when realising that I’m actually paralysed with fear.

Confronted with the choices, I’m pushed to decide.

Will I do what is expected? Or what I believe is right?


Call me rude, or call me selfish – but I need to say –

I cannot let this go on and it can’t carry on this way.

I need to be me, because it’s the best thing I can be.

But my thoughts can cage me in and I need to be free.

If you don’t understand my decision, that’s all on you,

but my happiness is important, and to me, I’ll stay true.


© Ilka Steyn, 2016. All rights reserved.

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