+++“This is bad,” stated Eric.

+++“You said that already,” said Peter.

+++“Well, it was worth repeating,” Eric replied, while they both stared at the bag covered in blood.

+++Eric and Peter were lost for words, as they both tried to understand what they were witnessing and trying to think of what to do.

+++“Let’s just see what’s in the bag,” stated Peter.

+++“And get our fingerprints all over the evidence?”

+++Peter took a deep breath and said; “Okay, then we have to phone the police and…”

+++“Are you out of your mind? And tell them what?” interrupted Eric, his voice sounding higher than before; “Sorry, Mr. Officer? We got bored and decided to break into this abandoned warehouse?”

+++“Really? Like that…”

+++Peter’s voice went silent when a phone started to ring. The ringing was deafening in the silence, as they both continued to stare at the bag.

+++“Is it coming from the bag?” asked Peter.

+++After a slight pause, Eric replied anxiously; “Yes”.

+++“Should we answer it?”

+++“Are you crazy?” he asked, and looked at Peter with surprise.

+++At that moment, the phone stopped ringing and they both gave a sigh of relief. Eric started to frantically pace up and down, with his hands pulling at his hair. Peter went down to inspect the bag further.

+++“Look at this,” whispered Peter.

+++Eric turned around and saw money falling out of the bag; “This is bad”.

+++“Stop saying that!” Peter said annoyed, while they both continued to stare at the bloodstained money.

+++Once again, the silence was broken by the phone ringing, and Peter looked at Eric with concern.

+++“Don’t you…” Eric started, but Peter’s curiosity got the better of him and before Eric could grab the phone from him, he answered; “Hello?”

+++“Do you have the money?” a deep voice asked.

+++“Um, yes,” Peter replied with doubt.

+++Eric’s eyes got bigger and he whispered between his teeth; “What the fuck are you doing?”

+++“And did you get rid of the other guy?” the deep voice asked.

+++Peter looked at the bloodstained money again and replied with fake confidence; “Yes, it’s done”.

+++Eric raised his hands in frustration and walked away from Peter, while mumbling in anger; “You want us to die. I’m going to die. Today is the day that I’m going to die”.

+++“Are you at the warehouse already?” the deep voice instructed an answer.

+++“Um, n-n-n-no…” stuttered Peter, nervously, as he realised what he had done.

+++“Then why are you talking to me?” interrupted the deep voice.

+++“Because I don’t waste my time with small deals like these,” said Peter, trying to save the situation. “I sent two of my guys. They will give you your money”.

+++Eric’s mouth dropped open as he slowly sat down and leaned against a pillar, while mumbling again; “It’s over. We’re dead”.

It was clear that the man on the phone was getting annoyed and said; “Fine. Let them meet me in the parking lot. After this, I never want to hear from you again”.

+++“Understood,” replied Peter with a small grin; “But if you touch my guys, you will hear from me again”. He surprised himself with his response and he felt impressed. After a quick moment of silence, the man hung up the phone and Peter’s grin changed into a smile.

+++“You are crazy! I have no idea how we are still friends. If they don’t kill you, I will,” said Eric with a sigh and added, “Let’s go.”

+++Peter gave a laugh and helped Eric to his feet, before getting the bloodstained bag filled with money.


+++Eric and Peter stood in the middle of the parking lot. The light above them flickered. But with most of the lights not working; a flickering light was better than nothing. They both looked at each other nervously, when the silence was broken by a black SUV entering the parking lot.

+++Reality struck Peter and he fumbled with the bag in his hands; “Shit”.

+++“I hate you,” said Eric and he took a deep breath.

+++“Me too,” replied Peter.


+++Two enormous men climbed out of the car, followed by a short man. It was clear who had the brawn and who had the brain. The short man nodded in the direction of one of the big men, and he then started to walk towards Peter. For a brief moment, Peter struggled to swallow, as he imagined that this is how it must feel when the Hulk walks towards you.

+++“Put down the bag and step away,” said the short man with a familiar, deep voice.

+++Without any hesitation, Peter did as he was told and moved back to where Eric was standing.

+++Peter could hear Eric’s shallow breathing. It felt like the light above them flickered a million times, while the Hulk inspected the bag and said; “Everything is here”.

+++“Good. Let’s go,” instructed the short man.

+++Peter and Eric watched in fear, while the men returned to their car. They waited for something to go wrong, when the short man turned around and stared at them for a brief moment and said; “Tell your boss that I never want to see him, or you shitheads again”.


+++Peter and Eric watched as the black SUV sped away, and stood there, paralysed with fear.

+++“I really hate you,” said Eric.

+++“Me too,” replied Peter.


© Ilka Steyn, 2016. All rights reserved.

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