Believing in The Good

With everything that is happening in our world, it’s impossible to always stay positive. But looking back at horrible experiences I have had, it is possible to see the good in them too. In some cases, I had to look long and hard for them, but I did eventually find them. And let me tell you; I’m one of those people who hates it when someone tries to comfort you, especially by saying things like: “Everything happens for a reason”. I don’t believe that at all. I believe we live in a broken world where bad things happen, but despite this, something good can still sometimes come from those bad experiences, if you have a positive attitude, good faith and a little bit of luck.


I recently had an accident with my bicycle – and by accident, I mean I fell so hard that I wanted to cry – where I was reminded of the kindness of people. Two cars stopped to ask if I was okay and if I needed help. They could have just driven past me and turned a blind eye, but they didn’t. They stopped and offered to help me; to help this strange woman that they didn’t know at all. I was truly touched by their kindness and caring attitudes. I also had a similar experience, when a man tried to mug me right in front of the entrance to the gym. A lady that was working inside, saw what was happening, and she ran to my assistance, without hesitation. It’s in situations like these when I’m angered by the terrible things of the world, that I’m also reminded of the potential the world holds and what it could be. We may not realise it, but there is more good in the world than we believe.

pretoria girl writes _ ilka steyn

It’s unfortunate that the media tends to only show us one side of the story. With all these stories about crime and politics, it’s no wonder we aren’t rays of sunshine that are beaming positivity. But can you imagine what it could be like if we had more news channels that only aired positive and happy stories? We need more organisations like the Good News Network in the spotlight, to spread the positivity around. It saddens me that we have come to believe that news isn’t news unless it’s bad news. I’m not going to shy away from the truth; no one can really change the world. But can you imagine the world, if everyone lived as if they believed they could?


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