Keep Life Simple

Living an uncomplicated life might be the way to finding your freedom and happiness. I’m saying this, because, for the last few years, I have been reminded constantly about this in different ways. Every time I decided to do something just for the money, I ended up disappointed with the result. Or, if only for a moment I was excited, it was always short-lived.


Now, I am also aware that there are people that don’t mind doing something just for the money. And this makes them happy, and that’s okay. We are all different. But most creative people have the need to do something that gives them a sense of purpose. Our dreams are our driving force in life because we are definitely not doing it for the money. Otherwise, we’d be in the wrong industry.

pretoria girl writes _ ilka steyn

Setting your goals on a spiritual or intellectual level, rather than on a materialistic one, is the key to success. Materialistic things can quickly be broken or taken away from you. I learned this the hard way when they broke into our home last year and stole our electronics, as well as our shoes, bags and my car. I was devastated. Coming home and realising what had happened, is a sickening and an empty feeling that cannot truly be explained accurately. But achieving success on a spiritual and intellectual level is something that can never be taken away from you. I have also realised that one should set realistic goals, together with your big dreams. Thus, when you achieve the smaller goals, you experience a sense of accomplishment and this keeps you driven.


These small dreams, that I’m referring to, can be as simple as pursuing a passion or hobby that you have always wanted to do, or even satisfying your coffee addiction by saving up for that coffee machine you have always wanted. By doing this, I have learned to be grateful for what I have and stopped wanting things that are out of my reach.  There are people that find it (and me) strange when I tell them I am now driving my dream car, and then they turn around, only to see my Volkswagen Polo Vivo. But having a safer and a better car than I had before, makes me more than happy and very thankful.


I am well aware that there will be people who will argue that I’m not aiming high in my life, but that is not true. I dream about writing for a magazine one day and publishing my first children’s book. I continuously dream and set new goals for myself, and I will work hard to achieve them. But I also remind myself about what is important in life, and driving a fancy car is not on that list.


People who live simply, experience less stress than people who are driven by money. Being driven by the smaller things in life, and focusing on spiritual or intellectual goals, has made me happier than any materialistic object ever has. It gave me the opportunity and time to be free in being me and doing what I love; writing.


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