The Rain’s Kiss

Waking up to the melody of the rain, playing on the roof,

puts a smile on my face – the peace of happiness as proof.

This blessing we call rain is our nature’s sigh of relief,

as the thirsty grass, every flower and tree, soak it all in.


Rain is my lullaby, that washes away the pain of yesterday.

Giving a clean start from worries; what can be and what may.

Without hesitance, the rain drops dance against the windows,

while the wind sings freely and the shy rays of the sun, fight to glow.


Live in that moment and don’t be afraid to feel the rain’s kiss.

Let the rainbow at the end of the storm be your joy; your focus.

Be the one that feels the rain. Don’t let your doubt get you wet.

The sky will be bright blue again, with adventures lying ahead.


© Ilka Steyn, 2016. All rights reserved.

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