See Happy; Be Happy

We all want to be happy. Happiness is what we strive for in our relationships, careers and dreams. It’s the driving force in the decision-making process of our lives. This is the reason why we are constantly searching for that key to happiness. And the more I convinced myself that when I get that or achieve this, I will be happy; the more I realised that my level of happiness hasn’t truly changed. Sometimes I was even more unhappy than I was before.


This year, my eyes opened to a different possibility of what makes me happy. It was the first time I attended a friend’s wedding after I, myself, got married. The experience of watching two people getting married, and proclaiming their love for each other, was different. I was constantly wondering what they were feeling, or thinking at that moment while remembering what I went through on my wedding day. I loved seeing my friends falling in love with their partner all over again, as they started their new adventure as mister and misses. It was impossible to not be infected by their happiness and excitement.

pretoria girl writes _ ilka steyn

To see other people happy is a true and beautiful blessing. I was once again reminded of this by a little girl who was busy blowing bubbles the other day. Every successful bubble was followed by a laughter of delight. How can that not make me smile, and even laugh a little? In a way, I shared her joy of every successful bubble that she blew.


They say, that when you have happy thoughts, you will be happy. And I’m not going to argue with this statement. I’m just starting to believe that, when you see happiness, you will experience it in tenfold. After witnessing one of my friends becoming a mother – and seeing the joy that their little girl brought them – confirmed this idea of mine. It was impossible for me not to be happy for them. It felt as if my heart was going to explode; raining bright and colourful confetti. Not only did I see their happiness, I felt it and it overflowed into my life. By knowing what they went through, and witnessing my friend becoming a mother, was exciting. Once again, their happiness made me happy.


My eyes have opened to the happiness around me, and it made me realise: when you search for the happiness around you, you will become happy. So, think happy; be happy? No. See happy; be happy. Let someone else’s happiness, be your happiness. Just open your eyes.

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