Actually, You Can

We live in a world where the fear of getting hurt or disappointed is our compass. Our daily worries get us down and we second-guess every decision we make; being afraid of taking risks have become the norm.


If you’re waking up every day to a job that you really and truly hate, you’re just existing and not living your life. Every one of us was born with a gift, whether it’s taking care of people, cooking or writing. I believe that people who are successful found their gift and embraced it.


Life is more than just going to work. Life is about living and taking chances for your happiness and success. And I’m not saying that when you have your dream job, you won’t have a bad day. There will still be things you need to do that suck, but the difference is that it won’t get you down like it did before.


Steve Harvey compared this journey of embracing your gift to jumping off of a cliff and relying on a parachute (your gift) to break your fall. “The only way for you to soar is you got to jump,” said Harvey. “You got to take that gift that’s packed away on your back, you got to jump off that cliff and pull that cord. That gift opens up and provides the soar.”


He added that the journey isn’t easy at all. If you take a leap of faith to pursue your passion, you won’t succeed right away. Success takes time and doesn’t happen overnight, but you shouldn’t give up immediately.


The reality is: when you jump, your parachute won’t open right away. You are going to experience technical problems and hit a few rocks on the way.


However, if you want to reach your destination, you have to jump. “You can play it safe and deal without the cuts and the tears and you can stand on that cliff for life; forever safe but if you don’t jump your parachute will never open. You’ll never know,” said Harvey.


From my personal experience, I want to motivate you to take the leap. Although I might not be considered as a major success (yet) according to society’s standards, I have never been more proud of my achievements like I have been this year.


Take the chance! If you fail or get tired, learn to rest before trying again. But don’t give up!

pretoria girl writes _ ilka steyn

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