“Rude-ism”: Is It The New Trend?

Dealing with rude people is tricky and utterly exhausting. They suffer from a disease – as I like to call it – known as “assholity” and they struggle to see the damage their actions can cause. Rude people have convinced themselves that they’re allowed to say and do whatever they please, no matter what the consequences are.


You can call me unrealistic, an idealist or even a hippy, but if one of your top priorities is to throw a tantrum about the one-ply toilet paper you have to use at the gym, I’m not going to take you seriously. Don’t you know there are real problems to talk about?


It’s because of stories like these, that I’m convinced that social media has distorted our view of what freedom of speech truly is. Having a platform where we can voice our opinions, has created the illusion that we can say anything and it’s okay.


Take the student protests as an example: they complain about the costs of studying, while their solution to the problem is to break/burn everything – which needs money to be fixed or replaced. They believe they are living out their rights of freedom of speech, but actually, they’re just showing they don’t understand how money works.


According to me, consideration disappears when hiding behind the safety of your phone or computer screen. In other words, “I will do what I want to and if you disagree, you’re wrong! Not me.” And this illusion has spilled over into our daily actions and how we treat people.


At the end of the day, you’re allowed to say how you feel, but remember when you share a controversial opinion on Facebook or Twitter, you’re bound to get a reaction. And when you verbally attack someone who believes differently than you, it shows the world how small minded you really are.

pretoria girl writes _ ilka steyn

Don’t you know when you accept someone else who is different from you, it doesn’t mean you’re weak? It shows you’re educated and aware that the world doesn’t purely exist out of black and white.


The world is bigger and more complicated than any of us can imagine. So, we don’t have to agree with each other in order to like and respect each other. In the words of Ellen DeGeneres, just “be kind to one another.”


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