Love at First Sight

They say that love at first sight is an instant, gut emotion that tells you this person is different; this person is the one. Beautiful idea, isn’t it? But that’s exactly what it was for me: just an idea.


I’m happily married to one of the best human beings ever and I won’t change anything for the world. But for us, love at first sight wasn’t in the books. It was quite the opposite. In fact, I couldn’t get rid of him fast enough after I met him for the first time.


I know that sounds harsh, but if you knew me well, you would know that I take a while to warm up to people and don’t trust easily. And here came this spontaneous, quirky  guy who couldn’t care less what people thought of him. He just sat next to me and started talking.  I subtly tried to get rid of him, but he didn’t get the hint.


At the end of the night, he asked if he could get a hug before he left and I agreed (I don’t know why. Maybe I secretly wanted it). Immediately after that hug, he asked for another one. Can you believe it? I mean, the audacity?


With this, uhm, “successful” meeting and his persistence, we went on a first date. I didn’t want to (because I was a scaredy cat), but one of my friends convinced me to take a chance because “what could go wrong?”


As luck will have it, the first date also didn’t go well. It was awkward like Ross and Rachel in season one. He was beyond jittery and struggled to make eye contact – I was convinced he had never been on a date before. He even said to me, “You know that cool, suave guy that always says the right thing? Yeah, that’s not me,” and continued eating his waffle.


So, what changed between us? Well, we kept hanging out (you know, just as “friends”) until his ex-girlfriend reappeared on the scene. That’s when my inner cavewoman woke up to mark my territory because I then realised that I liked him more than I wanted to admit.


I loved the way he made me laugh out loud with his crazy ideas and that what you saw is what you got; no strings attached. And although I thought he was super dorky, I actually liked it because I was also a little weird.


The thing is, I still can’t say that love at first sight doesn’t exist. All I know for sure is that love is powerful and extremely strange. It can’t be understood or planned – it just happens. And when it happens, it’s an incredible gift.


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