How to Stay Positive

One of the most important and difficult things I have to consciously work on is positivity. It’s not because I believe I should always be a ray of sunshine, but because life is already tough. I don’t have to be tough on myself too.


Negative situations (and people) happen all the time and we can’t avoid it. It sucks, I know. So, learning how to stay positive is invaluable in leading a happy and fulfilled life.


Here are my four tips that I’ve learned – and still am – about staying positive.



Even in the worst of times, most of us still have people or something to be thankful for. Voice those blessings!


By voicing what you’re thankful for, you practice gratitude and acknowledge the reasons why you should be grateful. And acknowledging this will help you in having a grateful mind and heart just a little easier, even when life gets tough.



In today’s world, it’s all about speed and achieving your goals first; life’s a race. We focus so much on winning the prize, we no longer pay attention to how we get there, or maybe we just don’t care anymore.


The reality is, living in a fast pace will most likely set you up for disappointment. When you try to think, talk, eat, move, and just live life too fast, things tend to go south and stress levels go up.


If you slow down for just a few minutes a day – even if you have to physically force yourself – your mind and body will calm down too. Then it becomes easier to think things through again and find a more positive perspective.



Who you spend your time with and the input you get from TV shows, the internet, magazines have a huge impact on your outlook on life. So, ask yourself:


  • Who are the most negative people you spend time with?
  • What are the most negative sources of information you spend time on?


As you consider your answers, think about how you can spend less time/energy on those people or information sources. I know it’s not possible to avoid it all together, but spending less time in those negative surroundings will give you more time to spend with positive people.


If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of your loved ones. You and your well-being deserve to be a priority too.



I truly believe what you give to the world is what you get. Maybe not from everyone or every time, but what you send out there matters. You can call it karma if you want to.


The way you treat others and how you think of them usually correlates with how you treat and think about yourself. And lending a helping hand or just listening when someone needs it will, without a doubt, boost your own mood and spirit.


At first, these mind shifts will be difficult. But over time, it will become easier and those negative thoughts won’t clutter your mind like it did before. Be brave and take my word for it: being kind, working hard and staying humble will definitely take you further in life.

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