7 Affordable Date Ideas

It’s February! You know what that means, right? To your excitement (or dismay), it’s the month of love and you’re probably looking for affordable date ideas.


Whether you have been in a relationship for years, or it’s your first date, the dating game can be on the expensive side. But if you’re anything like my husband and I, you’re probably not a big fan of rolling out the red carpet and eating a five-course meal anyway. It’s all about the fun!


Take a look at these seven affordable and fun date ideas:



Going for a ride (or walk) is a wonderful option, especially if you both love the outdoors. Not only is it great for exploring the neighbourhood, but it also gives you the opportunity to relax and get some fresh air.

affordable date ideas _ pretoria girl writes

To make it extra special, plan your route ahead and check for any fun ice cream or coffee shops you can stop at. If you have a park nearby, pack some snacks and have a picnic; checkered blanket and all.



You may not know this, but there’s probably at least one free art gallery in your area. Even if it’s not really your scene, try it! You and your partner will definitely have a lot to talk about while trying to figure out whether they hung the portrait upside down or not.


If you check ahead of time, you may be lucky to find an event or two – which includes the wine – that you can enjoy for a small fee.



When you’re feeling like having a cosy night in, invite your partner for a marathon session of your favourite movies. We all know that watching TV is a perfect reason for snuggling up with your partner.



affordable date ideas _ pretoria girl writes

A blanket fort is a fun idea for a romantic date without spending too much money. All you need is an open space, blankets, rope, and clothes pegs.


After you’ve built the fort, decorate it with fairy lights, love notes, and photos to create a romantic atmosphere. Be creative and don’t forget the wine! Your partner will appreciate all the time and effort you put into doing something special like this.



I’m a big fan of a good old picnic. You can’t go wrong with filling a basket with your favourite snacks and beverages and enjoying it outside (or inside). You can always combine it with your bike ride or romantic blanket fort.



Most bookstores have a little coffee shop where you can enjoy some cake and caffeine. And to make it more fun, you and your partner can write friendly notes and leave it in the books of future buyers as you explore the store.



The first date with my husband didn’t go as smoothly as one would hope, but the waffles we had were a big success. I remember that peanut butter waffle and ice cream like it was yesterday! And for one of our anniversaries, we decided to go back to where it all started and recreated our first date.


Recreating our first date was extremely fun. We ordered the same waffles and talked about how awkward that date was. It was impossible not to laugh at how dorky we both were (and still is)!


When you take the time to travel through memory lane, it puts things in perspective and reminds you how special your loved one is despite all the hard times you may face. And even if you can’t afford the five-star date, the time you spend together, creating memories, can’t be bought.

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