Feeling Helpless

I hate the feeling when I really want to help, but there is nothing I can do. So today I have no tips or ideas to share, only my thoughts.


by The Endearing Designer

Like for most people, life can sometimes hand out a punch or two; making it difficult to get back up. And as difficult as those times are, to have a loved one go through it and not being able to do something, is another ball game.


Witnessing a friend or family member go through a tough time breaks my heart. There is nothing I hate more than feeling helpless. And even though I know that everything can’t be fixed, I still have the need to fix it or at least do something. This is usually when I start cleaning and organising random things in my house. I suppose it creates an illusion that I’m in control, while I’m actually not.


During times like these, I can’t help but wish that the world would rather take from me than from them. Not being able to help them lessen the load of their problems or challenges, creates this gut-wrenching feeling. My head starts drowning in why questions that can’t be answered while repeating the well-known one: “Why them? They don’t deserve this.”


Although the internet serves up countless tips on how to stay positive or what to do when you’re feeling helpless, all I want you to know is that you’re not alone. You’re not the only one who feels sad today; not the only one crying or asking why. And for what it’s worth, know that there is someone who wished they could stop the world from hurting you.


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