Vitamin Sea

I’ve always loved the beach. And like any kid, a beach holiday was nothing less than amazing. But two years ago, something changed: I lost my heart to the ocean.


Being someone who tends to overthink everything, I’m afraid of drowning in my own thoughts. My thoughts are my waves crashing over me and not letting me breathe; trapping me inside a whirlpool of thoughts. And who is to blame but me? I bring it upon myself.


The truth is, I am who I am. And just like the ocean is beautiful with its unpredictable ways, drowning in my thoughts can create something beautiful like art or music.


Letting the fear go and embracing the possibilities result in something bigger and more beautiful than your own limitations can give you. Although I may always be afraid of drowning in my own thoughts, the ocean keeps reminding me of the beauty therein.


Take a look at some of the photos I took on my recent visit to Umhlanga Rocks. I hope you witness the beauty of the Indian ocean and beach life, as seen through my eyes!

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