Why I Write

A heavy heart hurts. And having a heavy heart can physically slow you down; convincing you that your world came to a standstill while the rest of the world moves on.

why i write


In the times when I’m weighed down by my heavy heart, I turn to writing because, sometimes, only paper will listen. Writing gives me the opportunity to lighten my heavy heart and purge my thoughts. It allows me to shed tears without judgement and express life’s joy.


I write; I need to write because when life gets tough, writing gives me an outlet to empty my mind (and heart) for a while. But writing can do more than just that! Here are a few other reasons why I write:



There are only a few things I enjoy more than the creative process of writing. Having a blank paper staring back at you is both daunting and thrilling. It gives you the opportunity to dream, think, create, and tell a story that hasn’t existed before. And you work hard to ensure each word deserves its place on the page.

why i write_creativity.jpg

The power of creative writing lies in saying something in a way that hasn’t been heard before or conjuring stories out of thin air. And the challenge of doing this is what keeps me going.



Stephen King said, “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.” And it’s impossible to not think outside the box when you read a lot!


When you read a lot, you get inspired by what surrounds you and the possibilities of what can be. And being open to reading different opinions and ideas regarding a topic teaches you that the world is bigger and more complicated than we understand.


Writing teaches you about the beauty that is hidden in each person, culture, or religion. It creates an opportunity to inspire and be inspired.



The more I write, the more I learn. Not only about the world, but also about myself. It’s the one thing I do where I get to see the many sides of my identity and understand who I really am – and who I want to be.



In some way, most of my writing is driven by trying to give value to others. I want to share my thoughts and ideas with whoever wishes to read them. And it’s not that I want the reader to agree with what I’m saying, I just hope they find value in what I wrote.


If my words entertain, motivate, comfort, or inspire you, then I’ve reached my goal. Life is already tough, we don’t have to be too.



why i write_life compass

For me, writing guides me. When I write, I transfer my thoughts onto the page so that I can name it, recognise it, understand it, and deal with it. Whether it means to face it or to let it go.


My writing is my own life compass – it helps me find my way.

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