Three Basic Needs In Life

In order to succeed in life, you need three things: a backbone, a wishbone, and a funny bone.” And when you break it down and think about it, it may just be one of the answers to this question we call life.

basic needs in life _ unfailing freedom



A strong backbone gives us the ability to encounter adversity with courage. And every successful person needs this quality to succeed in life.


Not only do you need to stand your ground and defend yourself when the going gets tough, but you also need to be strong enough to accept when it’s time to let go. Having a strong backbone gives us the strength during the times of choosing our battles; deciding whether to fight for what is ours or to walk away.


Although “having a backbone” refers to being strong, it doesn’t mean you’re never going to get hurt. So be careful of confusing the idea of having a backbone with being invincible. You are still going to experience rejection and other hardships.


From my experience, I believe that a backbone is not only about winning the battle, but also about picking yourself up after you’ve lost. You’ll be surprised at how strong you really are when you give yourself the chance to be strong.



Hope is what keeps us going at times when doubt and worries try to convince us to give up. When we focus on our hearts and allow ourselves to dream of a better life, we have the ability to push through those difficult times.

basic needs in life _ unfailing freedom

What makes our dreams even more powerful are the fact that we can pursue our dreams. We have the cognitive ability to make plans in order for our dreams to become a reality. And this opportunity to achieve our wishes and dreams drives us to succeed in life.



A good sense of humour offers us a new perspective on a situation. And according to Psychological Today, having a funny bone is one of the characteristics associated with success and well-being.


In other words, laughter will always be one of the best medicines. Laughter is a natural stress reliever and helps us cope. Being able to laugh about a challenging situation will boost your personal productivity, as well as group effectiveness.

basic needs in life _ unfailing freedom


I strongly believe that my strong-willed attitude, my dreams, and sense of humour have helped me a lot in life. It has taught me that the world may be an ugly place, but it’s still filled with so much beauty and goodness; just open your eyes and mind.


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