7 Small Ways to Constantly Improve Yourself

One of my biggest fears is becoming stagnant; not growing into the best version of myself. And with the pressures of today’s world, we tend to forget that the only people we should actually be comparing ourselves to are ourselves.


Comparing yourself to someone else is like comparing the ability of a fish to climb a tree to that of a monkey – thanks, Einstein! We have different strengths and weaknesses, so we’ll only end up feeling stupid when we don’t take that into consideration.

Ways to Constantly Improve Yourself _ Unfailing Freedom

Your goal shouldn’t be to be the best, but to be better than you were yesterday. If you constantly work on improving yourself on a daily basis, you will move nowhere but up in life. And isn’t that what we actually want?


To become better than you were yesterday, try these seven small ways to constantly improve yourself and to become the best you.



One thing is certain in life: you are going to get knocked down every now and again. So why not stop sweating the small stuff, pick yourself up, and move on?


When you put yourself in situations where you will be at a disadvantage, you’ll be surprised at how strong you really are. You can take all the bad things that have happened in your life and use them as motivation, while competing against superior performers.


You might feel exposed and vulnerable during this time, but you will learn new tricks on how to improve yourself and your performance. Something you won’t learn if you only compete against the rookies.



Think about people who have influenced your life and ask for their advice. Most successful people will be humbled if you asked them for help! And getting a little help along the way can only help you get better faster.



Ways to Constantly Improve Yourself _ Unfailing FreedomSmall steps often feel like you’re not going anywhere. But every win – big and small – puts you on the path of self-improvement.


Even though it’s a lot of work that seems to never end, you’re moving in the right direction. So no matter how small those steps are, just keep moving forward. At the end of each day, you will be closer to your goal than you were yesterday.



Let’s be honest. Failure sucks and there is no way around it! But it does open doors to valuable learning experiences that no one can take away from you. If you give yourself the opportunity to be brave and to stop playing it safe, your failures can lead you to some of your biggest achievements in life.



Being thankful keeps us humble and gives us perspective in life. The ability to put things in perspective teaches you that the goal isn’t about money. The goal is to focus on the good things in life and to live life on your terms, while expressing gratitude.



When you work to be the zig to other people’s zag, you won’t blend in with the majority; making it easier to stand out. Focus on just being you and you will be different – and that’s a good thing!



The fact that you’re reading this and want to improve yourself, you’re already doing it. When you see life as an opportunity to seek new knowledge and inspiration, it’s impossible to not keep growing.

Ways to Constantly Improve Yourself _ Unfailing Freedom

Being open to other opinions and ideas is how we learn new stuff. So read books, visit websites, try a new hobby, and have conversations with different types of people. By doing this, you’ll continue to improve yourself and become the best you.

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