Things to Remember when You’re Feeling Stuck

feeling stuck _unfailing freedom


Most of us have already experienced the feeling of being stuck at some point in our lives. And I’m not talking about getting stuck in traffic – even though it can evoke similar emotions. I’m talking about those moments in your career or relationship when you ask, “What now?”


When life goes in a different direction than you expected or planned, we tend to feel stuck; reluctant to travel the new path.


Maybe you feel you’re behind in your career, but you don’t see any new opportunities in the future. Or maybe you feel you should be married with children, but you haven’t found your partner yet. In other words, you feel your life should be different from what it is.


The biggest challenge of feeling stuck is knowing the difference between actually being stuck and holding onto limiting beliefs. Are you really stuck? Or have you convinced yourself you’re stuck because your life doesn’t fit into society’s cookie cutter?


Next time when you’re feeling stuck, remember these five things:



Even though feeling stuck can overwhelm you with negative emotions, feeling stuck is actually no more than just a feeling.


feeling stuck _unfailing freedom

Feelings are your reaction to the influence that the outside factors have in your life. And that feeling of being stuck is no different. When something unplanned happens, our train gets derailed and we’re convinced we can’t move forward. But with the right mindset, you have the ability to get back on track.


Instead of seeing the problem as the end, you should approach it as an obstacle you can overcome and later use it as a stepping stone. It’s up to you to change what you can change and to change your approach to those you can’t.



The fear of failure blocks us from making progress. It convinces us that what we have to give is not enough or that we have to change who we are in order to fit in. So take the time to evaluate your fears and ask yourself, “Am I really stuck? Or am I afraid of the possibility that I may fail?”



Most of us were raised to value the opinion of others and you should, but only to a point. That point should never extend beyond their opinion of you and your decisions.


Some people will never be able to see outside their box; making you different from them. And instead of showing compassion towards those who believe differently, they will see you as the one in the wrong. But giving yourself the opportunity to make decisions according to who you truly are is far more important than what other people think.



Every person is one decision away from a different life. You have the ability to pack up your things, move to a different city, find a new job, and make new friends tomorrow. You don’t have to, but you can if you want to.

“One day or day one. You decide.”



At the end of the day, you’re responsible for your own happiness. No one else. And being true to yourself makes life just a little bit easier.

feeling stuck _unfailing freedom

Living in fear of the expectations and judgements of others can make you act like someone you’re not. But when you accept yourself, you have the ability to love yourself – warts and all – while being honest about when it’s time for self-improvement.


Staying true to who you really are will keep you focussed on living the successful life that you have dreamed of and always wanted; helping you to keep moving forward.

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