A Turning Point

There is power in giving, but sometimes we think that giving is limited to money. And I know I’ve been guilty of believing it in the past, which is why I thought I didn’t have anything to give. But I’m happy to say, I was wrong.


Giving isn’t about money. It’s about making the time and sharing the love. By taking control of how I manage my time and being there for friends and family, I’ve gained control over my anxiety and fears of making mistakes. It has also taught me that taking control of your life sometimes mean you need to let go of that control.


Kristina Kuzmic, also known as the Truth Bomb Mom, recently shared her turning point in life after she opened up about her struggles in one of her videos. Her words resonated with me and she reminded me of the strength I carry inside when life drags me down – even when my world seems dark.


Here’s the event that led her to crawl out of her rut and find her worth and joy again.

“If I focus on the little things that I do have and can do, I can turn it into something bigger than I’ve ever expected.”


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  1. Great video – thanks for sharing.

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