Reflecting on 2017

With a new year comes new goals. And what would we humans be without new year’s resolutions? It’s what gets us going in the beginning of a new year.


For me, 2017 was about giving. I didn’t know how I was going to give, as the green stuff was quite scarce. And I know giving isn’t just about money, but where do you start? Do you start a fundraiser? Or sign up as a volunteer at an animal shelter? So research (more specifically, Google) was the friend I turned to.


Little did I know, the year had other plans in store for me; teaching me that giving starts at home.



It was during a time of feeling completely helpless when I started to learn what giving really means.

reflecting on 2017 _ unfailing freedom

When my family was going through a difficult time, I had the urge to try and fix everything. But I couldn’t, of course. That’s not how life works. All I could do was be there for them and jump at any opportunity to help them: offering lifts or getting groceries.


Feeling helpless taught me that giving isn’t about offering to do anything for people – it’s about you just doing something without them asking for it! Listen to your heart, gut, head, or whatever you listen to and do what feels right for you.


If it tells you to leave a little surprise for someone in the mailbox, do it. If it tells you to give chocolate muffins to strangers, do it. We worry too much whether we should do it or not. If it’s kind, how can we even wonder whether we should do it?



The power of giving doesn’t just lie in the kindness and generosity which we show to strangers, but also in the time we invest in our loved ones. And being there for my family and friends in 2017 means that I didn’t start a fundraiser or volunteer at an animal shelter, and that’s okay.


So even though I didn’t change the world, I did help in my own way; reminding me that change starts with me and one small act of kindness.


“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

– Rumi

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  1. Wow thank you for this reminder “it’s about you just doing something without them asking for it!” Beautiful post


    1. Ilka Steyn says:

      Thanks, Melissa!


  2. Zac says:

    Sounds like a really interesting 2017. Beautiful post Ilka thankyou


    1. Ilka Steyn says:

      It was 🙂 thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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