The Breaking Ballet Series: Breaking Stereotypes

What do you think of ballet? Classical music, tights, pink tutus, and old-fashioned stories about swans? But any great art form is ever-changing and absorbs cultural changes around it; ballet is no exception.


Art is an opportunity to comment and inform people on trending topics. And the Joburg Ballet Company is doing just this. They’re using ballet to take on pop culture and societal issues in a series called Breaking Ballet. The big stories of the day are captured in bite-sized productions that are available online – and I’m loving it!

breaking ballet_joburg ballet_ilka steyn

The Breaking Ballet Series touches on international and local stories: the #MeToo movement, Western Cape drought, and gun control. Not only has Joburg Ballet succeeded in taking the stage online, but they also created a brand of ballet that is more accessible; getting your not-so-interested audience to take notice.


There are currently eight episodes. The most recent one was inspired by the success of the film, Black Panther.

The combination of music and movement is proof that they are not just creating a ballet, but pieces of art. The choreography has real meaning and aims to get people talking about the good and the bad.


Make sure to follow Joburg Ballet on social media or go to their website to see the rest of the series and to learn more about their upcoming productions.


“Who knew ballet could be this epic?”

– Times

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