My Favourite MTB trails in Pretoria

For most of us, mountain biking has become more than just a hobby or sport. It’s a part of life.  Which is why it would be strange if I didn’t write this post; I love being on my bike!


Not only is cycling more fun than the treadmill, it’s also a killer workout. Luckily, after climbing a leg-burning hill, you’re also rewarded with an oh-so-sweet descent. And because it’s one of the go-to-sports for many couples and families, it’s good to know you don’t have to travel too far to get your mountain bike fix.

mtb trails in pretoria_ilka steyn

We’re lucky to have awesome trails located in Pretoria so that we can forget about the hustle and bustle of the city for a while. Just take a look at my favourite MTB trails!



Grading: novice to expert

Distance: up to 50km


Experienced riders built the trails of the Buffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park, which promises you a lot of mountain bike fun. There are six main trails catering to the needs of novice and experienced riders.


A visit to Buffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park ensures you trails that are well-marked and maintained.


Other facilities: a birding spot, coffee shop, Fat Bike test rides, and fun MTB challenges.



Grading: novice to advance

Distance: up to 25km


Located just five kilometres from Pretoria CBD, the Groenkloof Nature Reserve offers a wide variety of activities.


The trails vary between single and jeep tracks. This promises a fun mountain bike experience for both novice and advanced riders. There are clear markers indicating the trail. If the rocky terrain of the single track isn’t for you, you can choose the fast-paced jeep track.


Other facilities: hiking trails, picnic area, braai facilities, refreshments (weekends), bike rental (weekends), a campsite, and horse riding.



Grading: intermediate to expert

Distance: up to 50km

mtb trails in pretoria_ilka steyn


Hakahana Trails is an ex-horse farm and the trail network travels across 40 properties, which consists of five primary trails. These trails vary in distance and degree of difficulty. You can also string the trails together to ride a challenging 50km with a 1400m elevation.


If you’re still new to this sport, don’t worry. All the trails are clearly marked by colour, so you’ll only end up on the technical trails if you want to.


Other facilities: hiking trails, refreshments, and a small ‘spares’ shop.



Grading: novice to advance

Distance: up to 42km


The Hazeldean Valley is home to the Hazeldean Brewing Company, the Cowhouse Market, and – the reason why you’re reading – the Hazeldean Valley MTB and trail running park.


Their well-designed single tracks provide fun for all riders. The different route distances are marked by colour to help show you the way. If you want longer rides, you can just continue down the road to find Rosemary Hill.


Other facilities: a food and craft market, brewery, and hiking trails.



Grading: beginner to advance

Distance: up to 33km


The trails of Rosemary Hill offer a great day out in the sun. Their single tracks are custom-made and include occasional jeep tracks for overtaking slower riders.


You can expect more technical sections on the longer trails like the rocky terrain through an old farmhouse or the famous ‘bull’ run. But don’t worry, you don’t have to test the strength of your helmet. You can also take the safer route that’s known as the ‘chicken’ run.


Other facilities: hiking trails, bike rental, 1km toddler trail, night rides, a coffee shop, and an Acrobranch.



Grading: novice to advance

Distance: up to 22km


Located in Erasmuskloof, Wolwespruit Bike Park provides a fun-filled experience with handcrafted single tracks.


The trails are skillfully crafted using the park’s topography. You will enjoy exciting drops and jumps, river crossings and a lot of uphill. It will definitely give you the perfect opportunity to improve your technical skills and fitness at the same time.


Other facilities: one of the largest pump tracks, a skills clinic area, and a jump line for the experienced rider. As well as night rides, hiking trails, and a local bike shop.

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