My Go-To Restaurants In Pretoria

First things first, I’m not one for five-star dining experiences. I love to keep it cosy and casual. And if hear the word tapas, I turn into a wild animal! Not really… being wild sounds too exhausting, but I do LOVE tapas.


Here are my favourite go-to restaurants in Pretoria, in – yes, my – particular order. Let the countdown begin.



Some of you might wonder, “Mugg & Bean? That’s not new and original.” And you’re probably not wrong, but I’ve never left a Mugg & Bean feeling unsatisfied. They keep their menu interesting by regularly updating it with new dishes and I’m-extremely-hungry-sized-portions.


My latest favourite is the Crispy Sesame Chicken Noodle Bowl and I always enjoy their Nachitos from their mix, match, and share menu. And, of course, I am not saying no to a Serious Cappucino. I mean, caffeine in a huge mug? Yes, please.



Tashas is all about beautiful food, a stunning environment, and engaging service. They believe that memorable moments are made of these and I can confirm: they live up to their promise.

Restaurants In Pretoria _ Pretoria Girl Writes
Photo credit: Tashas Brooklyn (via Facebook)

At a glance, their menu might come across as just another menu filled with timeless café classics. But they make it their own by adding their unique twists filled with beauty and flavour. Their Parmesan & Couscous Crusted Chicken never disappoints my inner-wannabe-foodie.


Oh, and because I’m obsessed with peanut butter, their Peanut Protein Smoothie also makes me happy.



Plaka had me at Greek cuisine and then they also give you a variety to choose from. You can enjoy pita baskets with dips, a plate of cheeses and cold meats, or a deliciously spiced T-bone.

Restaurants In Pretoria _ Pretoria Girl Writes
Photo credit: Plaka (via Facebook)

The menu truly caters for every kind of food monster. So it’s a great option for those big family dinner outings. What makes them even better? You can visit their in-store deli and buy the products they use in their own kitchen.



Yes, I’m once again bragging about the wonders that are called the Moot. I have to. I have to stay true to my roots.


Even if you aren’t a pizza and can’t make everyone happy, you can at least make yourself happy and enjoy the best pizza (everrrrr) at Toni’s Pizza. Man… Oh, man. I love this place. Just take a look at their menu. You’ll be overwhelmed by choice.

Restaurants In Pretoria _ Pretoria Girl Writes
Photo credit: Toni’s Pizza (via Facebook)

If you can’t decide what to have, that’s okay. You can order one half of your pizza with one flavour, and the other half with another. Time to say CHEESE!



Eat, share, live is the rule they live by. And they really live up to their vibe and deliver great service. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been there. Culture Club is my all-time favourite and has given me great memories of food and laughter surrounded by loved ones.


Although tapas usually focuses on Spanish recipes, they approach it more as a style of eating. Their menu is a combination of Mediterranean, Asian, Middle Eastern, and proudly South African flavours. Do a Farm Style Biltong Pate and Bacon Jam with freshly toasted bread sound delicious? Because it is! So guess where I’m going this weekend? (I hope my husband is reading this.)

Restaurants In Pretoria _ Pretoria Girl Writes
Photo credit: Culture Club (via Facebook)

Do you have a favourite go-to restaurant in Pretoria? Let me know.

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