A Letter To (Social Media) South Africa

Where do I begin? Do I give statistics? Do I tell you everything will be okay? Because I don’t really know.


What I can say is: my heart aches for our country; for the world. In two days’ time, our country will go into lockdown to try and stay strong against a virus that has brought the world to its knees.

south african flag

Although I follow the news to stay updated, I find social media exhausting. Many idiots (and I’m sugarcoating) believe they make a difference by clicking share. It’s time we think twice… No, wait. Maybe think about it for two days.


If your post can add to the panic, maybe it’s not the time to be a “superhero” because – NEWS FLASH – having a Facebook account doesn’t make you a qualified healthcare professional.


I believe we should leave the information sharing to the professionals like journalists, doctors, scientists, and the government. President Cyril Ramaphosa has stepped up to the plate like a true leader and deserves a big hug. No, sorry. An elbow bump.


So if you’re anxious like me, please know you’re not alone. I’ve cried, paced up and down, cried again, made ridiculous lists of things to remember, cried some more, and I’m still scared. Nothing can truly prepare me (or us) for what lies ahead.


All we can do is to do everything within our means to stay home and to be kind to one another on social media. And to quote our President, to

“play our part. To be courageous, to be patient, and above all, to show compassion.”

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