My Favourite Parks to Visit in Pretoria 

Pretoria has many green spots where you can go for a walk and enjoy nature all year round. Here are my favourite parks to visit.



Burgers Park is a time capsule in the middle of the busy city life of Pretoria. It’s situated just outside the central business district and across from Melrose House.

burgers park _ pretoria girl writes

This park is named after the fourth president of South Africa and was founded as a botanical garden in the 1870s. It has since been declared a national monument.


Where? On the corner of Jeff Masemola and Lillian Ngoyi street



I might be biased, but Jan Cilliers Park is one of my favourites! It’s one of the oldest parks in Pretoria and is loved by many dog moms and dads. And because my dogs love spending time there, I love it.


It’s situated in the old suburb of Groenkloof and is named after a 20th-century Afrikaans poet. When you visit it, you’ll enjoy this tree-filled sanctuary with its fish ponds.

jan cilliers park _ pretoria girl writes

Where? On the corner of Wenning and Broderick street



Magnolia Dell is situated close to the University of Pretoria and is named after the white, pink, and purple Magnolia tree. It has become a well-known favourite for Sunday picnics and regularly hosts arts and crafts markets.

magnolia dell _ pretoria girl writes

When I hear the name Magnolia Dell, I can’t help but think about my varsity days. We had many picnics there – and by picnic I mean one bag of chips between all of us.


Where? On the corner of Florence Ribeiro drive and University road



Another one of my favourites! And yes, it’s because Rietondale Park is also enjoyed by many dog moms and dads. But it’s also popular amongst athletes.


Rietdondale Park’s huge grounds are equipped with tennis courts, soccer and baseball fields. Many runners enjoy the footpath that curves throughout the whole park; making it a popular place to exercise.

rietdondale park _ pretoria girl writes

Where? On the corner of Soutpansberg road and Van Der Merwe street


Take a look here to see some of my photos of Rietdondale Park during Autumn.



venning park _ pretoria girl writes

Situated across from the American Embassy, Venning Park is a wonderful place to take an afternoon stroll. It houses a Rosarium with 30 rose species and more than 3000 rose bushes. And to be honest, I don’t mind feeling like Belle walking through the Beast’s garden. I just wish people won’t stare when I’m singing to the birds.


Where? On the corner of Eastwood and Francis Baard street


Do you have a favourite park that didn’t make the list? Let me know!

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