A Few Things to Do During Lockdown

We’ve all wished for more time… Then lockdown happened. Suddenly, we can hear birds singing and it feels like the clock’s ticking is mocking us. So, I quickly turned to the internet to find an anecdote for my boredom.


Here’s what I’ve been doing to kill the time.



David Griessel is one of my all-time favourite artists. Every time he shares his work on social media, I get to travel through his creative worlds of furry creatures, loveable monsters, and things.


When lockdown started, he announced that he will share his work with anyone in need of some creative distraction. All you have to do is send him a message and he’ll email you the colouring pages for free. How awesome is that? I was beyond excited (and fangirling) when I got my email.

pretoria girl writes _ david griessel

Not only have I had the time to play with different mediums like watercolour painting (which I’ve been wanting to try for the last four years), but I’ve also found another way of dealing with my anxiety.



Thanks to pages like ProeDeli and Foodies of SA, you will never run out of ideas; DELICIOUS ideas.


Today, I tried the hot chocolate recipe shared by ProeDeli. Fork yeah! But I’ll keep jumping into my jeans (every now and again) to make sure I stay humble.



Looking for something to do one Sunday afternoon? Then you should take a walk through the Voortrekker Monument from the comfort of your home.


Sitting while walking? Sounds like magic to me. And they say Hogwarts doesn’t exist. Pfft. But thanks to 3D Virtual Africa, you can virtually stroll through the Voortrekker Monument with the click of your mouse.


As you spend time there, you’ll be able to see the lights turn on as it gets darker.



Summit 4×4 Safaris have been live streaming safari sunrise tours on their Facebook page. Whatever mood you’re in that morning, you can watch elephants and lions from your bed with coffee in hand, or you can put on your Safari-outfit and sit outside; pretending to be in the wild.

pretoria girl writes _ summit 4x4 safaris
Photo credit: Summit 4×4 Safaris via Facebook


It truly is beautiful! So make sure you don’t miss their next virtual tour.



DEURnis is a unique, intimate one-on-one theatre production company. And now, they’ve made the jump from the stage to the digital world!


Every show is 15-20 minutes long and you will be watching it live from your laptop or phone. They currently have three productions running: Witvlag, War, and @wiesjouwihan at R80 per ticket. They will be adding new shows as the project develops.


You can book your ticket by visiting their website, or you can send your name, number, and the name of the production you want to watch to tickets@theatrerocket.com

deurnis _ pretoria girl writes

Read more about DEURnis theatre here.

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