Namib Kameeldoring Braai Girls

If something breaks society’s mould, it quickly gets my attention. And Namib Kameeldoring Braai Girls are doing just that!


Don’t worry. It’s not about setting our bras on fire to show women and girls can braai too. It’s not necessary with the best wood and newly launched, pink firelighters from Namib Kameeldoring Braaihout.



Namib Kameeldoring Braaihout comes from the heart of Namibia and is distributed throughout South Africa to keep the fires going. All the wood being sold is chopped from dead trees. They don’t use any trees that are still growing.

Kameeldoring is extremely dry and is known as a slow-burning, high-temperature wood which makes it ideal for your braai fire.


They also recently released their own pink firelighters. It’s made from recyclable material and sunflower oil – and contains no paraffin. Although it takes a little bit longer to light, it will burn for 15 minutes; giving you enough time to build the perfect fire.


Tests have shown that the firelighters can actually burn up to 26 minutes, but as they say, they prefer to “under-promise and over-deliver”.


Their products don’t end here. Take a look at their beautiful wooden rings.



The quality of the wood is not the only thing they got going. Namibian born and Binnelanders actress, Je-ani Swiegelaar, started the Namib Kameeldoring Braai Girls group in April 2020. The goal: to show anyone can braai! If they have the right wood, of course.

Girls and women across Southern Africa have shared photos of their braai fires and dishes – proving they don’t just belong in the kitchen making a salad. You can also see how dads (and moms) are showing their awesome, little girls that they can do it too.


Want to join in on the fun, live chats, and ideas? Make sure to follow their Facebook page and Instagram to stay in the loop. Why? Because girls can braai too.

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