DEURnis theatre originally started as a one-on-one production that doesn’t happen on your typical stage. 


The audience member enters a space – usually in and around a home or building – and they take their seat in the world of the actor. It’s different from the usual seat in a dark auditorium. After the audience member enters, they find the actor waiting for them to tell their story face-to-face.


The 20-minute production mostly takes place in the form of a monologue. But during this time, the actor subtly facilitates the storytelling with small gestures to make the audience member a part of the story.

NET (2019) with Ben Pienaar nominated for a Woordtrofee (2019) and Naledi (2020)

Small gestures like asking their name or asking for them to pass something on, creates a constant awareness of the audience member’s presence; breaking the fourth wall and promising an intimate theatre experience.



Since then, DEURnis has developed its platform further. Certain productions take the form of two actors with 20 audience members in place-specific spaces. By adding and changing these elements, they keep their productions fresh and innovative.


It’s for this exact reason and creative innovation that kykNET awarded them the Bloustoel Fiësta award in 2018.



Being innovative meant that lockdown wasn’t going to stop them. As they say in show business, “The show must go on,” and it did! Which is why DEURnis Digital made my list of things to do during the lockdown.


In April, they launched DEURnis Digital. Opening the stage for anyone with reliable internet and enough data. This makes it possible for the audience member to still experience the popular one-on-one productions live.


You can follow their Facebook page to stay updated with the latest developments.



There are currently three productions to choose from: Witvlag, War, and @wiesjouwihan at R80 per ticket. Which one intrigues you the most?



deurnis teater _ pretoria girl writes

A young heart. A protest in his veins. A child anchored in today. He struggles with the unanswerable; the place of love is in the night. “I just want you to listen because if I don’t say it – say it to someone – the truth will find another way out of me.”


Performed by Ben Pienaar

Written and directed by Nico Scheepers

Language Afrikaans



deurnis teater _ pretoria girl writes

There is a war now, right? Here. Now. On earth. But there are no guns, no airplanes or soldiers. No, this is a different kind of war. There is an enemy, but we cannot see it with the naked eye.


Written and performed by Renos Nicos Spanoudes

Directed by Johan van der Merwe

Language English



deurnis teater _ pretoria girl writes

Today is Wihan, a witty Youtuber’s, 18th  birthday. The pressure that comes with being an adult is proving to be too much for him. And to make matters worse, his followers are being extra judgmental today. As the virtual bullying becomes worse, things start to unravel.


Performed by Wian Coetzee

Written and directed by Marista van Eeden

Language Afrikaans


Book your ticket by visiting their website, or you can send your name, number, and the name of the production you want to watch to

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