Proe.deli is all about tasty food. Just by scrolling through their Instagram feed, you can taste the colourful flavours. Yes, I said colourful flavours because they’re inspired by ingredients from around the world.


“We always find a way to make it our own. From Cape Town to Morocco, Thailand to Cuba; non-traditional is our thing.”



The wonderful people at Proe.deli uses the freshest, local produce that they can get their hands on to ensure you only get the best food. And everything they serve is made in-house; they don’t rely on outsourcing. This includes their freshly baked flatbreads and delicious sauces.



You can book Proe.deli for any event or personalised catering. They can work from your kitchen or do a set-up at the venue. Whatever you need, just talk to them and they’ll make a plan. They’re keen and flexible.


Proe.deli was also regulars at the Hazel Food Market, but you will now find them at the Market at the Beach. When you visit their stall, the queue is a testament to the quality of the food you’re getting. Ah, and it smells so (Mo)ROCCAN good!

Take a look here to learn more about some of my other favourite food markets to visit.


If you’re afraid you’re missing out, follow their Facebook page and Instagram to know where they will be next in Gauteng. You will also enjoy the variety of recipes they share on their social media.



Like for many small businesses, lockdown threw a major (and inappropriate) curveball. But that only sparked their creativity.


Proe.deli recently took part in the virtual Vegan Food Fair where you could order their Moroccan Flat Bread for home delivery. And to sound like a cheesy infomercial… but wait, there’s more!


They opened for free deliveries in Pretoria from the beginning of June. You can now order freezer-friendly flatbreads with slow-cooked lamb or Moroccan chicken. Just take a look at their menu.

All you have to do is to place your order on Whatsapp at 078 003 7526 from Monday to Thursday. And they will deliver it to your home or office on Friday for free if you’re in Pretoria. So if you don’t feel like making dinner, just support Proe.deli. It sounds like a yum-yum situation to me.

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