Music Smart Kids

Music Smart Kids believes music can give your child a kind of happiness that they shouldn’t be without. To add to the bonus of happiness, being able to play a musical instrument has many benefits for your child’s development.


Whether your child is the next Madonna, or more likely to keep their solos in the shower, music lessons can help them excel in life.



Music Smart Kids, in association with Pocket Academy, is online music lessons for your kids in Afrikaans or English. You get to choose between their piano course, or their newly launched guitar course.

Both courses are for beginners, but Music Smart Kids encourages the parents to take part in the lessons because it can be a great bonding experience.



If you’re wondering what makes Music Smart Kids different from other online music lessons, it’s that it is designed by a medical registered music therapist and social worker, Sané Leach.


Sané uses her experience as a music therapist and social worker to add activities into the music lessons to help improve your child’s emotional and cognitive development; teaching them healthy ways to express themselves.


If that is not enough, here a few more reasons why.


Develops Physical Skills

Music lessons can help your child develop fine motor skills and coordination because most instruments require the movement of the hands, arms, and feet.

When learning to read sheet music, the brain subconsciously converts the notes into the required motor patterns to play the instrument while keeping rhythm. This improves your child’s coordination and timing, and can help them with other activities like sport and dance.


Improves Academic Skills

Sané explains when you learn to play a musical instrument, you use the same parts of your brain as when you solve difficult mathematical problems. This means music teaches the left and right side of your brain to communicate better; giving your brain the chance to function at its maximum capacity.


Establishes a Sense of Achievement

When your child masters a technique or concept, they’ll experience a sense of pride and achievement. Every small achievement will be worth celebrating.


Promotes Happiness

Let’s be honest: playing an instrument and making music is fun and exciting! With every song that your child learns to play, happiness will fill the room.



There are 10 lessons in a course and it’s a mix between easy and difficult exercises. The lessons are structured to teach the busy bee how to play an instrument, read sheet music and keep them entertained.


Once you have chosen your course, you make a once-off payment (currently on special). Then you’ll have access to the lessons on the website for six months. You can pause and play until you’ve mastered the lesson.



Sané truly believes in the magic of music. In her experience as a music therapist, she has seen how music helps children to cope, develop, and express themselves. Some parents may see these exercises as silly, but if they knew what a positive release that silliness was and how it boosts their child’s confidence, they will encourage the silliness even more!

“One of the best gifts you can give your child is the gift of music and playing an instrument.”

Sané Leach

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