Royal Danish Ice Cream

I didn’t know writing about ice cream would make me this happy! And to be writing about the legenDAIRY (or dairy-free) Royal Danish Ice Cream makes me even happier.


When I think about Royal Danish, I think of Sunday-afternoon-treats. I still enjoy it when I drive past their shop to see all the happy people hanging out. I mean, I’ve never seen a sad person holding an ice cream.


If happy people aren’t enough, here are more reasons why you should support them.



The current owner has managed Royal Danish Ice Cream since 1998 and personally makes all the ice cream on the premises.

pretoria girl writes _ royal danish ice cream

Their ice cream contains no eggs and is made using the finest ingredients to a traditional Danish recipe. When you visit, you can choose to enjoy the ice cream in one of their homemade wafer cones or a cup – it’s up to you! You can even buy a tub to enjoy at home.


This hand-on approach doesn’t mean you only have a few flavours to choose from. Oh, no. Not at all. Royal Danish boasts a diverse menu; making sure there is something for everyone.



When I say there are flavours for every day, I mean EVERY day.  Just follow Royal Danish on Instagram to see what the flavours of the day are.


With an array of about 30 flavours available, you will find something to suit your mood and taste buds. And if you’re dumbstruck by all the choices, you can always go for their signature – and most popular – flavour, Royal Copenhagen. But it’s important to add that their menu doesn’t stop with all the flavours.



This is my favourite part! If you’ve been cursed with a love for dairy and lactose intolerance (like me) or you’re vegan, don’t be sad. Royal Danish Ice Cream has our backs. They also have vegan, dairy-free ice cream! BOOM – drops the mic.


You know what makes me super happy? I saw they have dairy-free, peanut butter flavoured ice cream. Just give me a moment as the little girl in me’s mind is blown.



If you’re looking for that something sweet and special for your get together, you can order one of their ice cream cakes. And they make the ordering process so easy! Just head over to their website and fill in the form.


The world is better for having ice cream shops and even better with the delicious treats of Royal Danish Ice Cream.


“I guess ice cream is one of those things that are beyond imagination.”

L.M. Montgomery


Make sure to follow Royal Danish on Facebook for more.

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