Hazel Food Market

Hazel Food Market is a pop-up market in Lynnwood and is situated inside the Phobians Athletics Club, which is at 378 Queen’s Cres.


At the Hazel Food Market, you will find some of the best food and products Pretoria has to offer. You’ll enjoy a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, and deli-style products. I also bought my favourite hat here!



You can visit them every Saturday from 8h00 till 14h00; a perfect time for those who aren’t early birds like me. The early bird may catch the worm, but I get to catch a Skull & Bean coffee and a few “wild” avocados at the AvoFit stall.



What I love about food markets is that I get to see people from different walks of life enjoying a day in the sun. From hipsters to golden oldies to little ones; it’s a fun day out for any age. Even kids with paws are welcome.

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The food stalls surround tables and benches in a lovely, shaded area where you can relax and enjoy the market fare.


When you’re done feasting on your Relish, the grill hamburger with its 100% beef patty, you can pop in at the Quirky Kids Creations’ stall. They create vintage-style, soft toys. I don’t have kids, but that didn’t stop me from falling in love with their gorgeous elephant designs.

Hazel Food Market isn’t just about enjoying a delicious lunch. You can shop for books, clothes, beauty products, artisan bread, and fresh produce. I like to head over to Alfred’s Smoothie Bar for my mixed berry fix before I start shopping. Got to stay hydrated, you know?


I will for sure miss Proe.deli! But you’ll still find them at other food markets and you can get some of their freezer-friendly flatbreads at Midstream Superspar. Read my review about it here.

The Hazel Food Market definitely makes your Saturday mornings something to look forward to. That’s why they were recently awarded the Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice for 2020. Well-deserved!


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