Taking a Break from Social Media

Not being on social media for two months gave me a sense of freedom. I loved not knowing how happy or angry someone else is feeling. It’s not that I don’t care, but it feels like a place where it’s okay to be mean; okay to judge.


The worst part for me? Social media lets people believe that you have to keep them in the loop of your life. To me, that was a huge eye-opener.


Since taking a break from social media, I’m considering deleting Facebook and Twitter. Maybe Instagram too. The only reason holding me back is that I don’t know how to advertise my art and blog posts. But I simply feel like a happier, more productive person without social media dictating my life. A catch 22, I know.


We all care what people think of us

We want to feel accepted, but social media multiplies those thoughts and feelings without us even realising it. It’s not healthy being under the knife of criticism. In this digital world, I need a break from people’s conspiracy theories, judgement, and comments.


Living without social media, increased my productivity, attention span, and clarity of thought. The best part is that I rediscovered my art and illustrations. So a month ago, I started a long-thought-of-project; creating portrait illustrations of couples, families, and pets. Check out my Instagram page here.


I’m not saying everyone should completely quit social media. But I hope that if you’re thinking about taking a break, that you’ll do it and see how it feels. I believe it will bring you the peace it did for me. I will be doing it regularly.

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