A Ripple Effect

+++Daniel stood still in the doorway. He couldn’t stop staring at his hands. He knew what he did was wrong, but he also knew that it was his duty. Someone had to take responsibility, and he knew that they will always try and justify their wrongdoings. +++“Danny? Is that you?” his wife asked, as she … More A Ripple Effect


+++“This is bad,” stated Eric. +++“You said that already,” said Peter. +++“Well, it was worth repeating,” Eric replied, while they both stared at the bag covered in blood. +++Eric and Peter were lost for words, as they both tried to understand what they were witnessing and trying to think of what to do. +++“Let’s just … More Bloodstained

Faded Colours

+++“Calm down, Rocco. It’s not your first time going to the beach,” Michael mumbled as he struggled to put the leash on the dog. He grabbed Rocco playfully and said; “Love you, my boy. Let’s go.”   +++As long as Michael could remember, his world lacked colour. He could only see in shades of grey. … More Faded Colours

A Deafening Silence

+++The silence woke her. An untouched pillow stared back at her. She shot up and the magazine on her chest tumbled onto the bed. When Jennifer saw the time flashing on the clock on her night stand, she quickly reached for her cell phone. +++“The number you have dialed does not exist,” a voice replied. … More A Deafening Silence