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things to do during lockdown _ pretoria girl writes

A Few Things to Do During Lockdown

We’ve all wished for more time… Then lockdown happened. Suddenly, we can hear birds singing and it feels like the clock’s ticking is mocking us. So, I quickly turned to the internet to find an anecdote for my boredom.




things only creative people will understand _ pretoria girl writes

Things Only Creative People Will Understand

There are certain things that only creative people will understand, as they see the world through their own lens and are often misunderstood. But the truth is: creative people are different for a reason! Different studies have confirmed that a creative person’s brain has structural differences. These differences cause them to think and act uniquely;…

how to stay positive _ pretoria girl writes

How to Stay Positive

One of the most important and difficult things I have to consciously work on is positivity. It’s not because I believe I should always be a ray of sunshine, but because life is already tough. I don’t have to be tough on myself too.   Negative situations (and people) happen all the time and we…

signs youre already successful _ pretoria girl writes

11 Signs You’re Already Successful And You Just Don’t Know It

When it comes to success, our eyes often lead us astray. And if you’re ambitious, you tend to feel like a failure from time to time. Especially when you start comparing yourself with friends or family; feeling like you got left behind.   Social media has influenced us in believing that success is measured by…