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pretoria girl writes _ gateaux on 95

Gâteaux on 95

This past year, small businesses never ceased to amaze me with their hard work and talent. Just when I thought I saw – and tasted – what they had to offer, Gâteaux on 95 treated my taste buds with croissant creations and chocolate decadence. But I don’t want to let the pastry out of the bag yet!




namib kameeldoring braai girls _ pretoria girl writes

Namib Kameeldoring Braai Girls

If something breaks society’s mould, it quickly gets my attention. And Namib Kameeldoring Braai Girls are doing just that!   Don’t worry. It’s not about setting our bras on fire to show women and girls can braai too. It’s not necessary with the best wood and newly launched, pink firelighters from Namib Kameeldoring Braaihout.  …

pretoria girl writes _ proedeli

Freezer-friendly Flatbreads from Proe.deli

Proe.deli specialises in gourmet flatbreads inspired by Moroccan and Cuban flavours. You’ll find them at festivals and food markets, but they’re also available for personalised catering; they work from your kitchen or do a set-up at the venue. But that’s not all they got cooking!   Before lockdown, you had to wait for the weekend…

pretoria girl writes _ royal danish ice cream

Royal Danish Ice Cream

I didn’t know writing about ice cream would make me this happy! And to be writing about the legenDAIRY (or dairy-free) Royal Danish Ice Cream makes me even happier.   When I think about Royal Danish, I think of Sunday-afternoon-treats. I still enjoy it when I drive past their shop to see all the happy…