Bushveld Beauty

We’re all aware of the problems South Africa faces on a daily basis, but the beauty of the bushveld will always let you forget about it for a while.   The Monateng Safari Lodge is located in a serene and tranquil environment; convincing you that you’re more than a 30-minute drive from Pretoria. The resort … More Bushveld Beauty


In most of the articles that  I have written for my blog thus far, I have aimed to remain neutral and focused on seeing both sides of the story. But today, I find it nearly impossible to do so.   The behaviour of students at the different universities has become ridiculous. I struggle to see … More #PleaseGrowUp

The Rule About Freedom

With many students protesting in violent ways, and social media status updates of people hating other races and cultures without shame, I believe the world has a misconception of what freedom is. I believe freedom only exists when we accept the differences between us and live with compassion. Freedom doesn’t allow you to say whatever … More The Rule About Freedom