Ultimutt Love

These are the stories of an enthusiastic Dachshund and “athletic” Scottish Terrier.

Life isn’t perfect but my dogs are. Being a dog mom is undoubtedly one of the greatest joys in life — and if you have a furry kid of your own, you already know just how lucky you truly are. 

Follow our journey as we take silly pictures, bake new treats, and learn lessons about life. Click here to see our latest comic strips.


Woof approved treats.


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Things Every Dog Mom (or Dad) Says

We’ve all been there: you’re going about your day, doing things, having discussions, only to realise you’re talking to your dog or talking about them. Some might feel they’re going crazy, but I don’t think…

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Why Dogs Never Die

– adapted from the words of Justin Palmer – Dogs never die. They don’t know how to. Yes, they get tired and very old, and their bones start to hurt, but they don’t die.  …

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